2011 Sew Beautiful Web Articles and Projects

Issue #139

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Whimsy Rose Dress By Khristal Jouett Simple pattern modifications and construction notes

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30th Quilt Instructions   Assembly Instructions

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Harvey Glidden Soutache dress By Helen Lively Construction Notes

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Ribbon Stocking Smocking Graph By Laurie Anderson Full color smocking graph and instructions

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Tree Skirt Instructions    

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Elf Feet Smocking Graph By Debbie Hayden  
Issue #138
Multiple Hoopings   Multiple Hoopings for large embroideries

Issue #137
Beyond the Basic Bodice By Kathy Barnard Wavy Seam Dress Instructions
Shell Scalloped Pants By Kathy Dykstra Continued from Issue #137, page 60
Summer-Sweet Smocked Halters By Kathy Dykstra Adaptation Instructions for Cluny Lace and Dotted Swiss
Hankie Couture By Marsha Greenberg Square Neck Bodice Dress Pattern
Hankie Couture Video
The Signature Style of Susan Stewart   Free Smocking Plate

Issue #136
Interlocking Scallops By Kathy Barnard Dress Instructions: Bodice & Skirt Construction
Fancy Frannie By Kathy Dykstra Project: Baby Carriage Design, Smocking

Issue #135
Smocking a
Dainty Designs
By Cheryl Davidson Project: Pattern Preparation, Pleating & Construction

Issue #134
By Wendy Schoen Design Instructions: Virginia’s Drawn Thread Dress
By Marie Yolande Instructions & Materials List
Mary’s Graduation
By Martha Demere Article
from Issue #111

One thought on “2011 Sew Beautiful Web Articles and Projects

  1. Pat Beesley

    I am wondering if Wendy Schoen’s Kathy pattern was ever featured in Sew Beautiful. If it was, can you let me know which issue? Thank you very much for your help.


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