2011 Sew Beautiful Back Issues

Issue 136 – May/June 2011
Fancy Frannie; A Salute to America; Belle Heir; Natalie; Red, White and Blue; Simply Jeannie-ous!; Serpentine Bias Blouse; A Sundress Fit for a Princess; Mastering Shadow Work Embroidery; Peasantly Paisley; Brenda Joe; Perfect Piped Binding; Belle Heir Romper; Little Monkey’s Pirate Pals; Beyond the Basic Bodice; Sassy Sailor Sundress (FREE PATTERN); Anniversary Tribute Quilt

Issue 135 – March/April 2011
Ellen’s Daisy Easter Dress; The Marshes of Glynn; Easter Blush; Little Victories from Vicksburg; Designer Details; Victorian Cotillion; Easy Easter Embroidery; Savannah Rose Baby Layette; Diagonal Smocked Featherstitching; Avonlea; Serendipity Tunic; Swirl Ruffle Hems; Wee Wonders; Simply Jeannie-ous!; Amy Butler; Luxurious Cottons – Anna Griffin Style; Beyond the Basic Bodice; Grayson; Natalie Christening Gown (FREE PATTERN); Anniversary Tribute Quilt

Issue 134 – January/February 2011
The Wonderful World of White, Thirty Years of Sewing Joy, The Couture Gowns of Suzanne Perron, A Tale of Two Talents, Unique and Chic, Easy Heirloom Pillows, Ellie’s Gown, Portobello 1840 Gown, Goods, Gadgets & Goings-On, Thread Ribbon Serger Dress, Hand-Smocked Crib Set, Café au Lait, Virginia’s Drawn Thread Dress, Anniversary Tribute Quilt, Simply Jeannie-ous!, White Rose, Silk and Lace Heirloom Peasant Blouse, Baby Bonnet à la Boutis Provençal, Little Lad Sunday Suit (Free Pattern)

8 thoughts on “2011 Sew Beautiful Back Issues

  1. Susan Gagne

    I have recently come across an issue of Sew Beautiful issue 134, and would dearly love to make “Virginia’s Drawn Thread Dress”. I found it here in the list of back issues, but have been unable to find a link to get the the pattern instructions in the issue. I have the magazine, but just need the instructions that were on-line — or, if the whole pattern is available, I’d love to buy it !

    Thank you for your help !
    Susan Gagne

  2. Natalie Nettles

    Hi Susan: The dress construction instructions can be found here: http://wwwcdn.marthapullen.com/wp-content/uploads/WendySchoenInstructions.pdf

    The pattern for this dress is actually not included in these instructions as the magazine text states. While the instructions are free, the pattern is from Wendy Schoen Designs and must be purchased from her. While I don’t see the pattern currently available on Wendy’s website, you may want to reach out to her and see if it might be available again. Her website is http://wendyschoen.com and her email is: info@wendyschoen.com. We apologize for the confusion.

  3. Martha B. Peterson

    Looking for list of materials for
    ELLIE’s Gown by Amelia Johanson pages 50-52.
    My Granddaughter is expecting her own little Ellie
    in June. And they are calling her Ellie.
    I would appreciate any help.
    OMA from way down in Texas
    Have not seen anyone since 2007 due to weddings, serious illnesses, & deaths, etc.
    I noticed Classic Sewing magazine has Kathy McMakin as top person and numerous other Martha Pullen persons on board. I came for almost 10 yrs. to Arlington, Texas sewing event. Missed this past August due to herricane Harvey who went over my house in Rockport near Corpus Christi, Tx.
    Thanks for any help.C

  4. Natalie Nettles

    Hi, Martha! Congratulations on the little one on the way! Here is the supply list for Ellie’s Gown. Let us know if you need anything else.

    Ellie’s Gown Materials List
    ◦ “Trinity Cross Christening Gown” The Best of Sew Beautiful Christening Gowns, a Martha Pullen Publication [ Link: https://store.marthapullen.com/p-4679-christening-gowns ]
    Embroidery Designs
    ◦ Victoria and Albert Museum of Childhood, Disk 2 (designs mpc2449 through 2452) [ Note: This MP embroidery CD is no longer available to purchase, but you could perhaps use alternate designs if needed ]
    ◦ 4 yds Cotton Sateen (for gown, slip not included)
    French Laces (for gown only, slip not included)
    ◦ 2-1/3 yds of 3/4″ wide insertion (fancy band)
    ◦ 1-1/2 yds of 1/2″ wide edging (bodice and sleeve scallops and neckline edging)
    ◦ 1 yd of 1/2″ wide edging (sleeves)
    ◦ 2-1/2 yds of 1-1/2″ wide edging (skirt bottom)
    Swiss Trim
    ◦ 4-2/3 yds of 5/8″ wide Swiss insertion with entredeux (Fancy Band)
    ◦ 2/3 yds of 5/8″ wide beading with entredeux edge (waistband)
    ◦ 1/2 yd of 1/2″ wide entredeux beading (sleeves)
    ◦ 1/3 yd of 3/8″ wide beading (neckline)
    ◦ 2/3 yd white silk satin ribbon, 3/8-inch (waistline)
    ◦ 2 yd white silk satin ribbon, 1/8-inch (sleeves)

  5. Martha B. Peterson

    Thank you so much for Ellie’s material list.
    I got picture from Dublin, Ireland, which was taken from Granddaughter’s upstairs window of street/cars, lawn, & park. Area was covered in snow.
    I never thought Ireland had snow!

  6. Martha B. Peterson

    Thank you so much for Ellie’s material list.
    I got picture from Dublin, Ireland, which was taken from Granddaughter’s upstairs window of street/cars, lawn, & park. Area was covered in snow.
    I never thought Ireland had snow!
    Have a very Blessed Easter!

  7. Martha B. Peterson

    I have the “Victoria & Albert Museum of Childhood”
    with the CDs also. Thank you again.
    I found you answer only today,
    Thursday, March 8, 2018


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