2009 Sew Beautiful Web Articles & Projects

Issue #127
Holiday Spaghetti
By Connie Palmer Web Article: Applique Instructions & Template
Button Ornament   Project: Online Blog Post link
Shoulder Packet By Jennifer Weske Technique: Snow Princess, Smocking Instructions
Tissue Silk By Kathy Barnard Technique: Instructions for
embroidering tissue silk
front skirt
Shadowwork By Kathryn Barton Technique: Lion Embroidery for Vintage Daygown
Italian Smocking By Patricia Timmin Technique: Excerpt of Patricia Timmin’s article from Sew Beautiful Issue #97

Issue #126
Pumpkin Parade By Jean Etheridge and Shannon Miller Web Article: Applique Pillow Construction, Patchwork Pillow, and Linen & Lace Pillow
Hanky Apron   Project Instructions: Three and Four Hanky Aprons & Materials List
Pumpkin Tea
By Shannon Miller Project Instructions: Hand Embroidery
By Leighann Lott Project Instructions: Simple Sewing
By Tess Ellenwood Project Instructions: Picture Smocking

Issue #125
Tea Towel Togs By Jennifer Weske Web Article: Garment Cutting and Layout for Linens
Criss-Cross Bias   Construction Notes: Dress Pattern Adaptations
Ribbon Trim
  Technique: Decorative Seam

Issue #124
Preserving your
family heirlooms
By Betsy Iler Web Article: Preservation Resources and Tips

Issue #123
The Frannie Project By Martha Demere Web Article

Issue #122
Grandma’s Apron By Mary Caviness Web Article: Vintage Apron Pinafore Construction &
Materials List


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