1998 Sew Beautiful Back Issues

Issue 61 – November/December 1998
Free Patterns: girl’s cape (sizes 4-10), hanging heat-shaped sachet, 1907 romper (sizes 12m-18m-2t-3t-4t-5), ladies’ long vest (sizes 6-28)
Features: bridal gowns, geometric smocking with puffing and silk ribbon, ribbon rose bridal album, buffet silver caddy, christening gowns for triplets, wedding garters, and more

Issue 60 – September/October 1998
Free Patterns: Santa Lucia gown for 18-inch doll, Holly dropped waist dress (sizes 4-12), Scandinavian jumper (sizes 12-14), long sleeve top (sizes 6-28)
Features: Scandinavian Christmas pictorial, traditional Swedish woven hearts picture plate, St. Lucia bear, basket liner, Nordic Snow applique, Folkart jacket with felt applique, and more
Out of Print

Issue 59 – July/August 1998
Free Patterns: Elizabeth Lara Rose dress and jumper (sizes 3-6), Gibson girl ensemble for an 18-inch doll, six-gored skirt (sizes 6-28)
Features: girls and dolls with Sara Fay Designs and Pleasant Company pictorial, vertical geometric smocking, ready-to-wear machine embroidery, couture embroidery, dual holiday felt vest, silk origami blouse, collecting antique needlework tools, and more
Out of Print

Summer 1998 Issue
Free Patterns: heirloom skirt and blouse (sizes 8-14), short-sleeved shell(sizes 6-28)
Features: a tour of New Orleans with Wendy Schoen, "A Plate for All Seasons" Birmingham SAGA smocking challenge, pretty pleated puffing, unforgettable faggoting, nautical machine embroidery for boys, Australian christening gown and cape, heirloom poet’s blouse, and more

Spring 1998 Issue
Free Pattern: "Mary had a Little Lamb" ensemble for 27-inch doll, Little Princess dress (sizes 6mo-6)
Features: Three Blind Mice smocking design, silk sensation collar, magic slippers, the Wonderland Dress, stitching on a hooded sweater, Rapunzel’s quilted tower, and more

Easter 1998 Issue
Free Pattern: Frilly Easter Bonnet, Dandelion Delight – a Dress to Twirl (sizes 2-4), Seminole Lacework dress for 18-inch doll
Features: pleated Easter egg ornaments with silk ribbon smocking, shadow smocking, applique cord, Sweet Dreams Dress (made from a pillowcase), Victorian bell pull, and more
Out of Print


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